Share a project

The Share project option allows other users to view and modify a project you have created. To do this:

1. Open the project you wish to share.

Note: You must be the project owner, i.e. the creator of the project in order to share it.

2. Select Project / Share project.

3. Select the Miro Translate users you wish to share the project with. Find the user in the list and select Share. If you wish to stop sharing a project, find the user in the list and click on Unshare.


  • When a project is opened by another user, it will be displayed as locked in your project list. This will prevent several people from making changes simultaneously. To unlock a project, the user must close the project and sign out off Miro Translate.

  • When you share a project, users will be able to make and save changes. They will not be allowed to delete, share, or publish the project.

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