Other options

On the main toolbar at the top of the Miro Translate interface, you will find the following information:

1. Title of the active project.

2. The percentage of the storage capacity used. Each user is given 3 Go.

Note: It is recommended to delete the video when you finish a project. To do this, a) Select the video in the Video list and b) Click on Delete video.

Remember that even if you delete the video, the subtitle file will still be available in your project list.

3. Your user space. Open the menu to see the options:

My account displays information about your Miro Translate account. You can modify the different fields and click on Update Account when you are done.

Note: To avoid technical problems, do not make any changes to the Microsoft Speech API key, Microsoft Translator Text API key and Microsoft Speech API Key fields.

The My settings option offers different possibilities.

  • When the Auto save, option is activated, the project will automatically be saved on a regular basis.

  • The Font size option allows you to increase or decrease the font size of the interface to improve readability.

  • The Theme option allows you to choose between a black or white background for the interface to improve readability.

  • The Help option will open the Miro Translate tutorial. It is available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

  • The Sign out option allows you to log out from Miro Translate.

4. The Save button allows you to manually save changes. If you have not activated the Auto save option, click on Save regularly.

5. This button allows you to increase the size of the video.

6. The arrows allow you to Undo / Redo the most recent actions performed on the subtitles.

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