Create project profiles

This option will allow you to comply with the international subtitling standards or with the requirements of each project. To create a new profile:

1. Select Project / Project profiles / New profile

2. Select the desired criteria related to the (Speaker identification) or to the (Settings).

2.1. The Speaker identification option allows you to create three different profiles, Speaker 1, Speaker 2 and Sound. The latter will automatically add a musical note at the beginning and at the end of the subtitle. You can also change the colour, size, and type of the font.

Note: It is recommended that you choose sans serif fonts to increase the readability of the subtitles.

This option also allows you to change the position of the subtitles on the screen. To do so, select the cells in the table corresponding to each sound source (Speaker 1, Speaker 2, or Sound).

Noter: Use this option to avoid covering relevant information on the screen by changing the position of the subtitles.

Click on Save to save the changes.

To apply the settings to each subtitle, choose the desired profile by displaying the list at the bottom right of each block.

2.2 The Settings option allows you to modify the time parameters (reading speed and duration) of the subtitles. Remember that the selected values will determine the error indicators for each block (red buttons).

Write the desired value in each section and click on Save:

  • maximum number of characters per second. The default value is 20.

  • maximum number of characters per line] The default value is 44.

  • minimum duration (s). The default value is 1 second.

  • maximum duration (s). The default value is 7 seconds.

Note: If you do not have to comply with specific criteria, it is recommended that you leave the default values.

3. To apply a profile to a project, select the desired profile from the list and click on Apply to project.

Note: Don't forget to select the desired profile for each subtitle block (Speaker 1, Speaker 2, or Sound).

You can edit a profile by clicking on the pencil or delete it from the list by clicking on the bin icon.

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