As part of a research project in audiovisual translation, the Miro Program is developing its own system for subtitling and audio-subtitling specifically for educational videos.

This solution allows students who don’t speak the source language of the video to access audiovisual content, including those who suffer from a hearing or visual impairment.

Miro Translate is a hybrid tool that builds bridges between the subtitler and certain artificial intelligence applications, such as:

  • Automatic speech recognition for transcription,

  • Neural machine translation (NMT) for translation in various languages,

  • Speech synthesis to create audio subtitles.

The Miro Translate user interface is designed to be intuitive and contains specific functions which make it possible to adapt the subtitles to international standards of accessibility.

The various formats in which the subtitles can be exported were chosen in order meet the needs of users in the field of higher education.

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